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Breast Cancer issues and support

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Your Partner Has Breast Cancer?: 21 Ways to Keep Sane as a Support Person


Husbands: This is the caregiver resource you’ve been looking for.

Introducing Your Partner Has Breast Cancer, 2nd edition

You can do it.You're not alone.
The breast cancer patient, your partner, is the designated victim, and with good reason. But you, the support person, the caregiver, are the silent victim. It is you who takes on the household chores, answers questions from well-wishers, assumes double income responsibility, becomes both parents, and is always the pillar of strength, even when you don’t feel like a pillar of strength.

Where’s the information you need to help you keep sane?

The increase in the incidence of breast cancer has brought with it a corresponding increase in literature on breast cancer: what it is, where it comes from, what to expect, what’s being done to treat or eliminate it, the politics of breast cancer.

One segment of the literature is on how to be a support person for the breast cancer patient (99% of the time a woman, according to popular statistics). Here, topics include a basic overview of the disease, tips on how to help her, the important message that breast cancer affects the whole family, and what you can expect of your sex life for the foreseeable future.

But there is no book on how to keep sane while you’re taking over your partner’s share of the household chores; feeding, clothing, and washing her; caring exclusively for the children; sleeping less; and maybe compromising your job because your stress level is affecting your work while you’re being the support person.

Until now.

Introducing Your Partner Has Breast Cancer, 2nd edition

Azenphony Press is pleased to announce the release of Your Partner Has Breast Cancer: 21 Ways to Keep Sane as a Support Person on Your Journey from Victim to Survivor, 2nd Edition, by Ken Wachsberger.

In its original version, released in Fall 2000, Your Partner Has Breast Cancer was written to satisfy Ken’s own need to figure out how to keep sane while he was coping with his wife’s breast cancer adventure and also losing his job during that summer. The first draft was finished at the hospital while his wife was receiving her final chemotherapy treatment.

This newly revised and expanded second edition is even better. It includes

  • Expanded discussion of the 21 ways;
  • “The Cancer Journals,” a section Ken added for support people to use as a guide and an inspiration to write and share their own journals;
  • A list of additional resources to help the support person keep sane; and
  • A new focus on becoming a survivor, not just being a victim.

By addressing the emotional needs of the main support person, Your Partner Has Breast Cancer fills an important void that social workers, religious leaders, support people, surgeons, and nursing staff agree has been empty for too long. You can’t help your partner if you aren’t helping yourself.

Order your ebook or print copy now from SMASHWORDS or AMAZON.

What They’re Saying

“Ken has in a thoughtful and caring way shared effective ways that worked for him as he was a great husband and father supporting his wife and children in his family’s battle against breast cancer. I am confident that these ways will have a powerful impact in helping all support people, but especially guys who may be struggling, to be loving partners as they battle breast cancer in their families.”

— Marc Heyison, President/Founder, Men Against Breast Cancer

“I feel a great sense of relief in having found a book to offer those whom I counsel after they have received the diagnosis that they or their loved ones have breast cancer. Your Partner Has Breast Cancer is the kind of book you can't put down. I read it in one sitting, then went back and read it again. The story is masterfully told, the advice lovingly conveyed. Wachsberger's clear, informed, and inspiring book offers first-hand experience and compassionate advice that will be a tremendous help to people whose lives have been turned upside down, especially support people, whose journeys through diagnosis and treatment of cancer can be lonely and confusing. Everyone whose lives have been touched by cancer should have a copy. This is a welcome volume for all our libraries.”

— Cantor Ann Zibelman Rose, Temple Beth Emeth, Ann Arbor, Michigan;
Facilitator of TBE Caring Community, including Healing
and Spirituality Group and Woman Cancer Survivors’ Support Group

“Ken’s book is a much-needed and welcome addition to the cancer literature. His advice is simple, clear, and compassionate.”

— Eileen Coan, Medical Librarian, The Gathering Place, Beachwood, Ohio

“Recommended for public libraries and especially for libraries with strong consumer health collections.”

— Sarah Watstein, Director, Academic User Services, Virginia Commonwealth University

“… a short, helpful booklet that should give every caregiver hope”

— Diana Dyer, MS, RD, author of A Dietician’s Cancer Story.

“All I can say is wow! I found this booklet helpful, informative, moving, and clearly a labor of love.”

— Dr. Helen Pass, Director, Division of Breast Surgery, and Co-Director of Women’s Breast Center,
Stamford Hospital, Stamford, CT

“ WOWIE WOW WOW! As a human being who has gone through my own medical challenges, I loved it. I found the advice to be very sound and very helpful. Your personal story really engages me in a deep way…. And I connect with you so easily and on a very personal level.”

— Kristi Davis, Founder, Creative Spirit Healing

Author Dedication

This book is dedicated to the silent victims—especially husbands, who form by far the largest bloc of support persons and yet are the most inept at asking for help. I know because I was one of them. When I needed help for myself, I found a lot of material on how I could help my spouse but nothing on how I could help myself while I was helping her. This book is what I needed then; I am confident it is exactly what you need now.

You can’t help your partner if you aren’t helping yourself.

But, my sisters, it is you who likely will have to invest in this book (as if you have nothing else to think about) because your partner is probably denying he needs the help. It’s a smooth read, it’s uplifting, and the steps are easy to implement. Help him to help you.

Join me on the path from victim to survivor.

Order your ebook or print copy now from SMASHWORDS or AMAZON.

Help Others

To find out how your organization can purchase bulk quantities for use as premiums, thank-yous, gifts of appreciation, conference attendee information packages, and other low-cost, highly appreciated ideas, please contact author Ken Wachsberger at ken@azenphonypress.com.

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